Product Packing Safety

Korvest Galvanisers would like to advise all of our customers of a material handling safety issue that has recently arisen.

We have been presented with product on two broken and unsafe pallets, one with nails protruding from the damaged section and one where the pallet fell apart whilst being lifted causing the product to fall off the pallet. We have also received product packed in cardboard boxes that are unable to support the weight of the product again resulting is spilled product. Photographs of these examples are below. This product presentation poses unnecessary, and easily eliminated, risks to not only those handling the product but also increases the risk of damage to the product itself.

safety news broken pallet update

Broken pallet with nails exposed with the possibility of injury.

safety news broken pallet 2 update

Pallet breaking up on lifting with a forklift.

safety news weak box update

Cardboard box not rated for the task and unable to carry the weight of product to be galvanised.

On behalf of Korvest Galvanisers, we request that all customers only pack material for galvanising on pallets, or in containers, that are in good condition and are appropriate for the weight being carried.

At Korvest Galvanisers we are continually striving to ensure we reduce the risk of harm to our employees and your assistance in achieving this by ensuring your product can be handled safely will be greatly appreciated.

We at Korvest Galvanisers look forward to continuing to be of service to you and if we can be of any assistance please contact us. Thank you for your cooperation.

Product Packing Safety