Customer Service

Large or small job, new or old customer, we’ll make sure that you’ll get a high quality finish completed by experts, delivered on time and with excellent customer service. That's a promise.

We very strongly believe in openness, and in meeting our commitments for quality and delivery on time.

“I believe in making sure that all customers, be they one off jobs, or large long-term account holders are treated the same,” says George Elvin, Customer Service Manager. “I impress that on all staff.”

We believe in supporting customers at all stages of the galvanising process, and at the early stages of a project with the ability to consult on the design of your fabrications with it in mind. This is important because we can help with making sure that your steel will get a quality finish, and can be galvanised safely and efficiently.

We are open about the procedures we recommend for preparing steel, how we carry out the entire process from start to finish, and quality testing of the final piece. As members of the Galvanizers Association of Australia, we also provide their endorsed advice and technical information available for you to read up on here, and work to their procedures.

Our ISO9001:2008 Quality Certification means that we are always striving to improve every process of our business.

We assure you that as a 14001:2004 Environmentally Certified Company we make every effort to be as environmentally friendly as possible. In 2013, we installed our MZR Zinc Recovery Unit, which helps us to run more efficiently.

At Korvest Galvanisers, we deliver on our promise every time, and ensure that when we give our word, we keep it.

Customer Service