10 Benefits of Hot Dip Galvanising

Galvanised steel has a strong protective coating of zinc that has a metallurgical bond to it. This is what makes galvanising a corrosion protection solution for steel that is intended to have a long service life that is easily inspected and self maintaining.

For your quick reference, we can say that hot dip galvanising offers 10 important and measurable benefits: 

1: Lower Costs

As a general rule of thumb, galvanising is lower in initial cost than a lot of other commonly specified corrosion protection coatings for steel, and also offers a lower long term cost.

2: Extremely Long Life

Galvanised coatings on steel can last in excess of 50 years, continually protecting steel against corrosive elements. This useful data sheet from the GAA provides more details about the expected time before first maintenance for a coating.

3: There is Less Maintenance Required

Hot dip galvanised coatings are self-maintaining, thicker, and because they last longer than other options, maintenance costs of these steel items are inevitably lower.

4: Reliability

As work is carried out to meet AS4680:2006, there are standard, minimum coating thicknesses that have to be achieved. Hence, coating life and performance are reliable and predictable.

5: Tougher Coating

AS4680 coatings are not only generally thicker, but unlike any other steel coating option, they form a metallurgical bond with the steel, which gives them outstanding resistance to any physical damage.

6: Automatic Protection for any Damaged Areas

Galvanised coatings provide a sacrificial protection to the steel. – As an added benefit, and unlike with other coatings small damaged areas do not need touching up.

7: All Over, Complete Protection

With hot dip galvanising, all parts of the fabrication being galvanised is coated, and hence protected, even sharp corners, recesses, or what could normally be inaccessible areas. – No other corrosion protection coating can offer the same protection to your steel.

8: Ease of Inspection

Galvanised coatings are easily visually inspected: If they appear sound and continuous, then they are.

9: Faster Installation

When you receive a steel product that has been treated by us, it is ready for use. There is no time lost on your site in surface prep or inspection. It is ready for the next construction stage. 

10: A Full Coating can be Applied Quickly

We offer fast turnaround times, and the entire process is non weather dependent. 

10 Benefits of Hot Dip Galvanising

Galvanised steel is used in the fabrication of this railway bridge