Case Study - Greentech

Galvanising’s the cream of the crop for Greentech.

When innovative agricultural spray technologies company Greentech took the decision to switch to galvanising – and Korvest Galvanisers – back in 2012, little could it have imagined how, in the space of three short years, it would realise significant savings, deliver a better quality product and satisfy a growing army of happy customers.

But that’s precisely what happened, even if Greentech Managing Director Benz Baek was initially a little hesitant to make the move from painting his sprayer chassis to galvanising them.

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As he recalls, the decision to move followed an internal analysis of paint versus galvanising costs showed potential benefits of the latter approach.

“But we’d been down the galvanising path more than a decade ago and lets’ just say the experience was underwhelming,” said Benz. 

“So to say we had initial reservations is something of an understatement. 

“Yes, we knew we could save a few dollars by closing our under-utilised in-house paint shop … but the nagging questions was: at what price to our reputation as a quality manufacturer of agricultural equipment?”

Benz is happy to admit that he hadn’t factored into the equation just how helpful and professional the Korvest Galvanisers team would be and in the three years since Technical Manager Peter Freeth walked through his door, extended his hand and introduced himself, significant savings have been realised, the quality of the end product has been further enhanced and – perhaps best of all – Greentech customers are delighted with the switch.

“While galvanising viewed in isolation may appear to be the more expensive option, we can vouch for the fact that a look at the bigger picture throws up a whole raft of benefits that, in the long haul, make galvanising a most cost-effective solution,” continued Benz, a mechanical engineer whose interest in farming machinery was ignited while growing up on a farm in his native Denmark.

“With Korvest Galvanisers as our partner, it’s a painless exercise, too.

“We know we have a quality partner to whom we can outsource the work, comfortable in the knowledge that the job will get done to our specifications and standards and delivered as promised, with all the support documentation.

“And in Peter Freeth, we have a central contact point who understands our business, our challenges and what we’re aiming to achieve. 

“He and his team have played a significant role in the design process, working with us in a true partnership from the very outset, to establish how we can best adapt our designs to accommodate the right number and location of drainage holes so as to ensure everything is done to maximise the quality of the outcome.”

Other benefits and advantages to flow as a result of the move to galvanising include:

  • A reduction in the need for undercover storage of the chassis at Greentech while they’re being manufactured; and
  • Quick and easy machinery assembly without having to worry about scratches associated with most paint jobs.

“Perhaps most pleasingly, we have found that our customers increasingly like galvanising as a finish as it’s more robust and retains its good looks for a lot longer,” Benz added.

“Korvest Galvanisers has also proved to be very sympathetic and helpful when we’ve approached them with urgent requirements, doing whatever they can to fit our jobs into the system and deliver to our sometimes crazy deadlines.

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“And for that, they deserve a big pat on the back.

“I guess that’s what customer service is all about – and it’s the complete package we receive from Korvest Galvanisers that keeps us a happy and loyal customer.”

Case Study - Greentech

Greentech's spraying equipment in operation