1 Year LTI Free

In April 2015 Korvest Galvanisers achieved a one year LTI (Lost Time Injury) free record. It is a good outcome and one that all our staff can be very proud of. Reflecting on the past year, we have to come to the conclusion that many things have to work in synchronisation for a milestone like this to become reality.

lti lunch 1


We often get asked: "what is the recipe for success with safety at our plant?"

We think the most important component in this recipe is culture. At Korvest we have a culture of care. We care about ourselves, our work mates, our customers, our contractors and our environment. It has become a cliché to say everyone has a right to go home in the same state that he/she arrived at work in. Putting it into practice requires the mindset of assessing the risk of harm to self and others followed by taking action to reduce or avoid the risk or possible harm. At Korvest Galvanisers the right has become a need to go home safely to our loved ones and we all want to see the same for our work mates.

lti lunch 2


Another important component is having a system that helps to evaluate possible issues to address and contain them in order to avoid hurting ourselves. We have implemented OHSAS 18001 successfully a few years ago and are diligently working to keep improving.

On top of that one needs support from outside the organisation to help identify and mitigate. Engineers and scientists often know about or can design alternative ways to achieve the same outcome more safely.

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One has to remember this is not the end of the road. The first next statistical target is to achieve 1000 LTI free days which is almost 3 years and thereafter 10 years without hurting anyone.

We at Korvest Galvanisers are ready and up for the challenge.

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1 Year LTI Free