AS2312 Specification Update

The AS2312 recent update has created a real vibe in the steel fabrication community in Australia. You can download the most recent updates about it from the GAA on our Technical Advice page.

Newsflash: We also have a new video introducing AS2312 that you can watch here.

AS2312 has been a long term, respected standard in the corrosion protection industry, and has undergone updates and changes as the designs and needs of fabricators have changed since its initial introduction in 1967.

The new standard has now been split into two parts, with Part 1 covering paint systems and Part 2 covering hot dip galvanising (HDG).

AS2312.2 references the latest international corrosivity and design standards for HDG. Straightforward information is provided for designers to compare the expected durability of different galvanised products.

AS2312 Specification Update