Centrifuge Galvanising

Korvest is pleased to offer you our Centrifuge Galvanising Facility for your small and complex steel components.

Centrifuge is often referred to as 'spin' galvanising because of the mechanics that get used in the process.

In a nutshell, the centrifuge galvanising process offers comprehensive corrosion protection treatment of small or intricate steel components by mechanically spinning them during the galvanising process. The pre-treated steel components are galvanised in spinning baskets that are rotated at a high speed after withdrawal from the molten zinc. This prevents excess zinc from settling on the surface of the product to maintain a clean, even surface.  This process is particularly useful for threaded components or products such as clips, hinges or bolts that need to slot together.

centrifuge galv rail plate


The chemical preparation and actual process is exactly the same as “regular” Hot Dip Galvanising as the preparation process starts with a caustic and acid treatment to remove any organics and oxides and after cleansing, a zinc ammonium chloride layer is added to the products by way of a hot flux treatment.

When the actual hot dipping takes place, a specific amount of products are loaded in specific patterns into the centrifuge spinning basket which allows for adequate movement of molten zinc around products during the spinning process. An important advantage of this method of galvanising smaller products is that only the necessary amount of zinc remains on the products themselves, as any excess cannot physically bond with the steel during the spinning process.

The Korvest Galvanisers Spin Plant is fully automated, and precisely controlled ensuring consistent processing times and conditions for long runs of similar products. The process is ideally suited for small cast products. Our ceramic lined kettle holds 95Tn of molten zinc, offering a thermal buffer should it be needed for heavier products. It is always recommended to have a discussion with us to ensure products are safe for spin galvanising, and the steel chemistry is suitable for processing.

centrifuge steel plates


Stringent quality checks are put in place throughout the process, and Korvest Galvanisers strictly monitors the final coating thickness and coverage of products being galvanised. Properly centrifuge galvanised steel has a dull, matte but even appearance.

Similar to the hot dip process, all centrifuge work is completed to meet AS4680:2006. 

Centrifuge Galvanising

Centrifuge Galvanised steel spring washers