New MZR Machine

Metallic Zinc Recovery Machine now Comissioned at Korvest.

In the middle of 2013, Korvest commissioned a new Pyrotek MZR-500 zinc metal recovery unit. 

Reducing wastage is always a priority and looking for and implementing improvement is paramount to the success of any manufacturing business.

The technology of recovering the metallic zinc from ash is well proven and has been available for a number of years. It is widely used in all the large galvanising plants in Europe. The principle is that the metallic zinc that is trapped in the ash as a result of the skimming process is put into a rotating container which is then heated up to 530°C. In the process the zinc is molten and the residual ash floats on top. At the end of the cycle the molten zinc is tapped into a cold mould and ready to be added back into the galvanising kettle.

With adding the recovered zinc back into the galvanising kettle, Korvest is saving to purchase that amount of zinc.

Korvest has experimented with a new optimised production process. We have considered logistics, material handling, and safety during the installation and commissioning process. After a few weeks of trying some possible variations, we finalised a safe work procedure around the MZR.

The final outcome is achieving better numbers in recovery than anticipated, making the payback on this investment even better than budgeted. Korvest Galvanisers is the first galvaniser in Adelaide to adopt this new technology.

New MZR Machine

Our new MZR