Educational Tours

Are you a tertiary education provider wanting to prepare your students for a career in engineering or a metallurgy related field by showing them a working facility?

Korvest Galvanisers' commitment to sector education – both through a university lecturing program and customer initiatives – has been widely hailed by both academia and industry by providing students with practical knowledge for future careers in engineering, chemistry and related fields.

We are the only galvaniser in the country to lecture to university students, with Korvest Galvanisers presenting a corrosion module to final year mechanical engineering students at The University of Adelaide.

The Corrosion module comprises a 1½ hour lecture at the university, followed by a plant visit of similar duration, and was co-developed with Korvest Galvanisers some six years ago after lecturer in the University’s School of Mechanical Engineering, Erwin Gamboa, approached us to flag the idea.

He'd been advised by the Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA) and neither he nor his students have looked back.

Dr Gamboa, who teaches stress corrosion to final year and Masters students, says "As I wanted to provide my students with greater hands-on experience and a more practical outlook, I had a word with the ACA and they recommended Korvest Galvanisers," he recalls.

"I then worked with Korvest Galvanisers' General Manager Steven Evans and Technical Manager Peter Freeth to prepare the program that has now been running for some six years.

"It initially started with a site visit but has been developed over the years to include the lecture component with a strong corrosion and metallurgy focus and its benefits are now being felt by the graduates and the sector as a whole.

"Our students benefit greatly from the program, with many commenting that the practical knowledge gleaned allows them to see how the theory is applied in the field and ultimately equips them to be better professional engineers.

"What is really pleasing is that this sentiment is echoed by the sector, too. I've had businesses tell me that our graduates who have been exposed to the Korvest program and are now practicing engineers invariably produce better designs from corrosion and galvanising points of view.

"They know the potential pitfalls, they're wise to the so-called 'tricks of the trade', they apply all these elements at the design stage and the result is they largely eliminate any need for costly rework, saving everyone time and money."

The Korvest program is conducted once a year for University of Adelaide students. We also host a similar annual presentation to the ACA’s Young Corrosion Group.  

In addition, Korvest Galvanisers actively engages with steel fabricators via a raft of pre-fabrication meetings where design recommendations – with respect to the size and shape of the various components and the placement of drain and vent holes – are shared. 

"We're also happy to advise on these matters over the telephone or undertake special visits to the customer site if that's what is required," explains Korvest's Steven Evans.

It is our policy to encourage all customers to get us involved at the earliest possible stage of projects to ensure that they and their customers achieve the best possible galvanising outcomes. We firmly believe our commitment to partner customers and be more than 'just another galvaniser' is something else that sets us apart.

Educational Tours