Galvanising Process Videos - See How it is Done

Peter provides a great summary on the modern uses of galvanising, the different applications and methods, and our working facility in South Australia.

Peter introduces you to AS2312, a new standard that has created a real buzz in the steel fabrication for construction community.

Have a look at our video on the process to understand how it is carried out and how steel moves through our plant.

This is a good example of a collaborative project between Korvest Galvanisers, and EzyStrut Cable & Pipe Supports. In this case we galvanised custom 2.4m pipe clamps for a special project. EzyStrut and Korvest Galvanisers worked closely together on this job to ensure a high quality finish for the galvanised product.

When a steel fabrication is too big to fit in the bath with a single dip, it needs to be dipped twice at different angles.

Steven Evans explains how best to design steel fabrications to allow for adequate (and safe) venting and draining.

We are efficient with our resources. This is the zinc extraction process from our zinc recovery unit, which helps us minimise wastage.

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